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Hi, I'm trying to make a character that has customizable in-game stats (hunger, sanity, health). To do this I'm trying to make an a counter system called "adjustpts." So, what I'm trying to do for example is, the player presses a button to lower your current stat and the stat's maximum. The "adjustpts" counter will add up depending on how many times you lower the stat. Then the player can put those points into another stat raising both the current number and the maximum and losing "adjustpts". Thus creating an adaptable character that every player can enjoy. Now for the problem.  I'm new to lua programming so I'm not sure how to create this counter or how to lower the current amount or maximum number of a stat and for some reason I can't find the original game code in my files to see how to do this. So, if someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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