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Gameplay implementation Ideas (2).

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Hello Lads, (again)! 
 And... Strait to the point (again), I wound like to share some ideas I have to the gamepay

Complementing the last Post I've created previously:

  • Decontamination checkpoint/corridor. 
    - A system that may use chlorine or a refined byproduct of it that cleans the duplicants through areas desired.
  • Positive and Negative pressure controlled door.
    -A door with the capability of venting or suctioning gas to maintain the pressure or gas desired in or out an area. 
  • One title door;
    - Well... door that occupies one title only
  • In game measurement 
    -A dynamic ruler along with the drag function to ad construction
  • Explosive/Incendiary status 
    -Not only for gas but as much as we have the thermal status on the elements it would be nice as well to insert the ignition point for those. 
  • Water creatures
    -Aggressive ones and passive one for domestication as well for fishing as food
  • External asteroid events
    -Maybe random temperature changes due to location of the moving asteroid the duplicants are in; 
    -gravity change (things getting heavier or lighter);
    -pressure change interaction with the duplicants making them nauseous;
    ---duing that adding lots of stuff related to automatization and base control.

    Well that is me for now. And again... What do you think mates? 
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