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How to regulate food eaten by stress levels

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I wanted a way to control who ate pepper bread in my colony. It seemed wasteful to have dupes eat it when at 0% stress, so I came up with a way regulate it. Check it out:


*Second event in video is at 1:20*



Here's a look at the automation:


Buffer gate to second door is at 200%. Filter gates are at 5 seconds.


The fridge sits in a pocket of C02 so it won't spoil. The door on the right only allows access to my dedicated base courier (who lives at 0% stress and isn't allowed to eat bread). I've also made it so the massage table stops shortly after starting, letting the bread do the rest to save power.

Ultimately, this lowers my need for pepper plants and sleet wheat so I can just collect what's naturally growing, never farming them. With this update, mushrooms are extremely easy to keep going with puft domestication. Together, it makes for a great way to feed a large number of max lvl dupes water and energy free.

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