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Possible new idea for an update

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It would be called psychological update. The jobs added would be a psychiatrist. Buildings that would change would be the apothecary. A new building would be a chair and sofa. All dupes can become depressed. A negative trait for the dupe would be a "bossy" trait, it would cause all the dupes around them to become stressed out faster.  The pill will be an anti-depressant. Grimy debuff would make other dupes not want to be around them, the dupe that is grimy becomes depressed faster, and the other dupes around the grimy dupe will be come stressed out faster. The med-bed cannot fix depressed dupes and the sofa would only work when the psychiatrist is helping them, decor would be more important for depressed dupes. The meter for depressed would be like the immunity and stressed. When the depressed dupe gets to 0%, they would stay in bed all day and night.

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