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Perfecting my Build Order

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1. Gather Materials.

The core essentials: 40 twigs, grass, rocks, flint, logs, and 20 gold.

Build a science station, backpack, spear, log armor, and pre-build Alchemy Engine.

Survive off Berries and Carrots

2. Find the Biomes.

Pig Village (where you will build your base under its SINKHOLE)

Stone Quarry (for rocks and gold)

Spider Forest (for silk, monster meat, and healing salves)

Swamp (for Reeds)

Chess (for Gears for Ice Box)

3. Build Cave Base 1.

Clear Area of Slurtles. Hit them with a Torch and Light their homes on Fire.

Build a Crockpot, Fire Pit, Ice Box, Thermal Stone

Use Pigs to gather 180 logs, 22 Boards (total 268 Logs), and 80 Pine Cones. Boards are for Prestihatitator and 6 chests. Be sure to gather a ton of Chestnuts. I'm talking 100+. 1 Monster Meat + 3 Chestnuts = Meatball. This will sustain you for the entire winter.

Gather Silk for Bug Net for Miner Hat, Top Hat for Prestihatiator, and Bird Trap for Bird Cage.

Gather 40 twig trees and 40 grass tufts.

Spend the rest of the Autumn amassing Healing Salves.

4. Fully Explore Caves


Use Lantern + Top Hat when out of combat and Weapon + Miner Hat in combat.

5. Build Cave Base 2

Crockpot, Fire Pit, Ice Box, Thermal Stone.

Plant the 40 twig trees and 40 grass tufts here, and fertilize the grass tufts with the rot from the light bulbs.

Build in the middle of a huge Light Bulb Field. By building a base here you save on time wasted traveling to light bulb fields to gather light bulbs.

6. Build a Bunnyman Farm

Break every Rabbit Hutch and rebuild them into a small peninsula. I'm talking half a screen to 1 screen. I get around 10 Hutches.

Lure 6-10 Rock Lobsters here and wall it up, one space apart. Make the walls long since the Rock Lobsters will endlessly hug the entire walls.

Build 10-20 Drying Racks.

Give a Rock Lobster a Flint, tell it to attack Rabbits. This will wipe em out. Do this DAILY. You will get 20 carrots for food, and 7.5 jerkies for all your sanity and health needs. Food, Health, and Sanity should be a non-issue now. For serious Sanity gain, feed a Bunnyman a carrot and stay next to them while he's cornered.

7. Purge Swamp

Get 3-4 Rock Lobsters by feeding them Flint and lead them to the Swamp. Probably need to do two or three trips due to the sheer amount of time it takes to clear them tentacles.

Collect Reeds

8. Create a Living Log Farm.

100+ trees planted in close vicinity. 4 Pig houses. 6-10 trapped Rock Lobsters.

Cut trees with Pigs until Treeguards spawn and have the Rock Lobsters take care of them.

9. Nightmare

Purge Stalactite Biome. Kill every cave spider nest there. There's going to be a LOT of nightmare fissures.

Put a sign at every nightmare fissure. You should be swimming in logs.

Spend time gathering Nightmare Fuel. The fissures are asynchronous, so there should always be a few open for you to kill shadow creatures.

You should be swimming in red and blue gems so craft a purple gem and then a Shadow Manipulator.

You should be able to make 10 Dark Swords, 10 Night Armor, and enough Jerkies to keep your sanity and health maxed out despite excessive usage of these nightmare items.


And I'm done. Best gear (nightmare) with infinite jerkies. Game Over.

Tips for Seasons:

Autumn: Nothing. Easiest month.

Winter: Thermal Stone + Campfire in the Caves = easy winter. No need for winter clothing. Thermal Stone is enough. 3rd easiest month

Spring: Once your wetness gets around 40, use a Top Hat + Umbrella + Camp Fire to completely dry off, and repeat. Hardest month.

Summer: Have a therma stone in the ice box and one on your person. When it turns grey switch Thermal Stones. 2nd easiest month.

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