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Cheap and effective cool Oxygen system

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I have combined some mechanics into what I think is a neat aircon system.

It uses an automation door compressor and Wheezeworts.

The doors run in sequence to move the hydrogen and oxygen separately. The doors force the Oxygen downwards, after which it is carried up and cooled at the same time by the Wheezeworts, using the Wheezewort gas movement mechanic.

The doors on the left compress the hydrogen into a chamber for later use. Here I'm not pumping it anywhere, though I imagine it could be used to power the system itself. In fact, if I implement that, I will update this post.


I like adding switches to all of my setups in case they need to be turned off for whatever reason.


The Oxygen comes out at around 290-292K (17-19C).


As you can see, there is a lot of Hydrogen in there. It's only been running for a couple of cycles.


My base is already quite oxygenated, the Algae Deoxidizers have since switched off.


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1 hour ago, Albreo said:

Beware about high pressure or you will give dupes popped ear debuff.

Yeah, it starts to get pretty high pressure after a while. I automated it with a small alteration. Atmo sensor is set to 3000 in my case. Change depending on the base size.


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