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my character idea

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TheNukeCat    0

After posting this idea to discussion about character ideas, I didnt get any sensible feedback, just one guy saying it should be posted separately, so here we go:

my idea: The WereCat (I dont know any name, whathever)- cat lycantrop:

-would be weak, with low health, fast regeneration, extra damage by fists

-could become cat (cost- some sanity/hp, by equiping his own item- cat collar), in this state could see in dark (something like moggles effect), hunt birds, won't be feared by neutral fauna, could climb trees, couldnt have invetory/use tools, could sleep without bedroll, could run

-would hate water, dogs

-would prefer meat-restoring sanity in the process/during hunting (vegetables restoring just 1/3 of stats, taking away some hp and creating poop)

-could craft his own weapon- The cat's revenge (or something of that sort) from hound's teeth, feathers and meat-something like toothed baseball bat

-would deal extra damage by range weapons

-would have affinity to magic (being able to create some magic-based stuff without prototyping it, gaining sanity from it and magic-based items having enhanced stats)

-would hate destroying nature, i.e. using shovel or pitchfork (resulting in being sort of feral/primal character living in peace with nature, more like part of the fauna)

+note for climbing trees: he couldn't be attacked there, but couldn't attack anyone either (only with ranged weapons, or special attack by jumping off the tree), couldn't eat (thus restriction in the time he could spend out of fight), this would work just for small foes, i.e. those unable to destroy trees

!!! please people, i would be grateful for sensible coments, problems i didn't think about, costructive critics and ideas, but not for people criticising stupid things like my english sucks (i know that) and hating absolutly unsensible things that dont have nothing to do with this topic

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It really depends on what you're going for! Fun? Balance? Both?

If you're going for fun alone then I believe you should go for what you desire! If for balance, try keeping the number and weight of advantages close to the number and weight of disadvantages.

And you can always make so the player can customize the mod as they please since it's really subjective.


- For when they'd become a cat: climb trees? I don't see the advantage of having that, honestly. And would they just drop everything in their inventory on the ground? Besides those questions, it's interesting enough, imo.

- Hates water and dogs. How does that happen? Does the character automatically walk away from dogs and pounds? Do they lose sanity from it? Are they incapable of doing anything besides moving?

- Why the extra damage by range weapons? Being a feline I'd expect to have a better melee damage added to some speed perhaps.

- Being able to both create magic without prototyping and gain sanity from it sounds a bit op, if not balanced right. I would stick with one or another rather than both taking into consideration that they already have some advantages.

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TheNukeCat    0

-the thing is this was meant to be a non-fighting character (living in peace with nature and all that stuff), almost unusable in close-range combat-i wrote he would deal extra damage with fists (claws), but otherwise being weak, so both ranged weapons and ability to climb a tree and fight from there (or just hide) could be life-saving

 besides: imagine you need to stay somewhere during the night, so you'll be able to change into a cat (with its night vision) and in the case of danger just escape via the nearest tree, thus not being restricted to the usual stereotype "start a fire and kill everything" and acting more like a part of the fauna (may be it would be good to add a special goal for him, so the game wouldn't be boring)

-would loose sanity quickly when wet or around dogs (hounds or other), although your idea with being able just to move would probably fit in better

-yeah, changing into a cat would be similar to changing into a beaver for woody,dropping everything in the process (although i was thinking about it would be great to let him having one tool equiped, holding it with his tail when not used)

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