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  1. ok then, but this extremely sensible discussion can be closed by the fact that my idea is posted here, so it would be useless to post it elsewhere btw, i would be much more grateful for productive critics, your opinion on my idea itself or stuff of that sort, not for most likely useless arguing about where it was/should be posted- with no offense
  2. what is a sailor without rum? -there is a pirate, boats... and 24/7 sanity issues... my idea: put 1 rot, 1 empty bottle, 1 fruit and a hard-to-get thing (mabe sugar made from reed...) and you'll get a bottle o' rum: minus some hp, hunger, sanity, but getting longer-term sanity gaining -ps. woodlegs would spawn with few of them, and get extra bonus from it
  3. well, why if this is the one about characters? -i'd say its good not to flood the forum with similar threads (if you meant this, im not very good in english, sorry)- i didnt understand the part about fitting the stuff
  4. One my idea: The WereCat (I dont know any name, whathever)- cat lycantrop: -would be weak, with low health, fast regeneration, extra damage by fists -could become cat (cost- some sanity/hp), in this state could see in dark, hunt birds, climb trees (where he couldnt be attacked), couldnt have invetory/use tools, could sleep without bedroll, could run -would hate water, dogs -could only eat meat-restoring sanity in the process/during hunting -could craft his own weapon- The cat's revenge (or something of that sort) from hound's teeth, feathers and meat-something like toothed baseball bat -would deal extra damage by range weapons