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How to make äö etc. to work? - Making a Finnish language mod


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Hello there!

I'm currently working on a huge translation project: translating whole DS (including RoG and SW) into Finnish!
However, despite all the good info I got on the forums on how to begin working on the mod, I ran into a pickle. The ÄÖ letters don't work when I test the game!
I've tried to dig around the .lua and .po files to see if there's any place where I need to add something or modify something, but I'm not much of a programmer to know what to do. I also tried to check out other language mods to see how they've used non-standard latin alphabets, but I couldn't really pin point the way they succeeded.

I made the language mod by using the strings.pot (.../dont_starve/data/scripts/languages/) as the base as instructed and by modifying the language.lua in the same directory to point to my new file name instead of the included french.po file.

Please help! Thank you in advance <3

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