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Is this a bug, or me? Plumbing.

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EDIT:  I have learned this is indeed a bug.  To fix this bug all that's required is that you save/reload the game, upon loading everything will work again.  


If a moderator could please move this to the bug forum for the developer's reference I would appreciate it.  Thank you.


I have begun playing recently, and have installed the occupational upgrade. I have not had a chance to play the tube upgrade as much as I would have liked, so I'm not certain if I'm experiencing a bug or a system change, etc.  I'm "too new" with my 93 hours to tell.

What happens is these things:


I install a toilet/sink/shower and I hook it up with inflow coming from a water pump and outflow going to a dump pipe in a septic tank.  The toilet/shower/sink tells me it is missing one of the two connections (input/output missing).  If  I then delete the toilet/shower/sink and rebuild it in the exact same spot without touching any pipes at all it now works.  This is very consistent, though not 100%, for me.


One time I was told I was missing an in to my shower, and deleting the water pump and re-building it in the same spot without touching any pipes at all solved the problem.


At T intersections my pipes won't split most times.  If I build the pipes and then delete the T intersection section of pipe and rebuild it now my pipes will split two ways.


User error?  A bug?  I'm not sure if I should report it or not, it feels like there might be something I'm just missing in the new upgrade.

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