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Touch support

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I pondered posting this in the bugs section, but decided to put it here instead since it's not really a bug if you simply don't support it.

Trying to play this on my Surface Pro has been a nightmare.  Swiping my finger across the screen to place wires and pipes make the noise, but then when I hit escape they aren't actually placed.  Tiles and ladders, I'll place them and then click on another menu to place something else and it'll start placing a bunch of them under the interface instead.  Then I'll pan the camera to see where it ended up, and it makes a huge line of them like I was still holding my finger on the screen.  Native touchscreen support would be very much appreciated!

Also, partly related, please allow drag-panning when nothing is 'selected' to be built.  Click and drag isn't doing anything useful there anyway.  Extra points if you do drag panning with momentum! =)

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