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Hi, I'm looking for a fully modded playable character! I'd like to be able to commission someone in funds up to 50 USD or less.


what I require :

8-month due date

WIP pictures/videos every month

High-quality character, crisp lines, and color; communication to fix any issues or bugs that may arise

Free access to dialogue files, etc.



Fully colored and rendered character model with animations

One custom ‘attack’/technique

Custom sanity, hunger and health levels; custom attack damage; custom movement speed

Custom dialogue

One custom item


Mod quality similar to that of this mod -http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832035414


Comment below or message me on Instagram  @spooky.ct  (I will most likely respond faster on Instagram)


If I like your art and previous DST mods done by YOU, I’ll show you the character and what  i’m looking to use for this mod, and we can talk specifics, price, etc. Most likely i will not go over 50 USD dollars. ( Paypal only)


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