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Need Help Coding New Character: Slow Worker

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Been trying to reference other mods, and forum posts for answers for hours now, but nothing seems to change anything.

I need a character to work slower (Mine, Chop, etc.)  than the average one. It would be preferable that this is modified by a value (as to be easily changed for balancing), not a time multiplier as some forums suggested. It would also be nice if it could be done inside of the prefabs, as I have no idea where to put a custom State Graph, or how I would go about modifying it (I think messing with the frame count may work of SGWilson, maybe).

Note: A preference is not a necessity! I am open to any suggestions or ideas regardless of the difficulty, as long as I can request help if needed.

I would code this myself, sadly my college program only ever covered Visual Basic ( and the basics of that, not even 'advanced' stuff (Robot eng. techs don't need much computer coding knowledge I guess)).


Links to solutions I've tried:


None of these have worked, sadly.


.Lua attached, Part where Im stuck is in 

local master_postinit = function(inst)




Edit: Using 

As a base.

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