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Shipwrecked - Pocket Edition

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  Hi Klei!

  I have been playing DS for along time and couple of weeks ago I bought DS Shipwrecked from Google Play Store because I wanted to play the game whenever I want. I have a Mi Max 2 which is good enough to run the game without an issue. I played the game a bit at least I tried. The game freezes for 30s every time when it tries to save and frequently game continues and buttons doesn't work; however, this is not the only problem. It is really hard to put/get things from chest, use the hammer, cut coconuts with the machete, walk around the forest trees and fight with any mob, even spiders. I know that the game is designed primarily for PC and console but PE can still be improved. My main reason of this complaint is that yesterday I came to day 32 as Wickerbottom (with a tone of struggle as a new sw player) and today I opened the game and it gave an error which says game files lost. Then I really pissed off and that hurt my feelings... I did a poor choice by buying this game for my phone instead of my PC. PE version might be ok for casual players, but I really like DS Shipwrecked and I want to know everything about it by playing it more and more, but I don't want to play it on my phone anymore. I don't want to see any other player who buys the game with many hopes and got disappointed. Please, I don't want to be offensive, I am the aggrieved and I will buy DS Shipwrecked for my PC just because I want to play this beautiful game without any problem. I don't care the money I paid for PE, but it is true that I paid for an unplayable game. 

  So thanks Klei for this beautiful game. I demand a copy of Shipwrecked DLC on Steam. Because I don't want to pay twice for the same game. Please Klei... 
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