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Missing natural gas geyser

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I'm going on my 500th cycle and I need more natural gas.

I've read on the wiki that there are one geyser in a caustic biome and one in a swamp biome per map, with a total of two.


The swampy one was just next to my base, but it's the only one.

I've explored the whole map manualy (lava exepted) and none in sight.

I've tried to destroy the whole map in debug mode to find the other geyser and I got the confirmation that there was only one natural gas geyser.

So my question is: Is the wiki outdated and there is less natural gas geysers per map now, or is it a bug ?


build: TB-247630

world seed: 965494174

Capture d’écran_2018-01-02_23-53-20.png

Capture d’écran_2018-01-02_23-56-56.png

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On 2017/12/29 at 4:03 PM, jiaonichifanla said:







I made some files to change the number of geysers.

How to use ?

Watch  this video . Steam client :1:30~2:30  Wegame client:2:30~3:20

May be have some problems in these files.

If you have any questions or advice ,please contact me.

English is not my native language;please excuse typing errors.

ENGLISH Change the number of geysers.7z


简体中文 修改泉的文件及方法.rar



That's changed.

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