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Walls needs a buff

Buff Stone Wall?  

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actually, kevin and the gang were looking into improving AI path finding, so indestructible( or simple much more durable walls) may very well be forthcoming eventually.When AI pathing comes out, imagine this:the hounds come, but you have your safe house set up with one opening, the hounds could then rush around to the one open side and corner you. Perhaps THIS scenario could even be in argument of keeping stone walls weak so that even the player could break through quickly to escape when their exit is cut off?Of course, I reckon that walls should be made MUCH harder to break for just this reason: improper turtling can/will lead to being cornered. and then eaten.

Yes, but that one opening can have a bunch of traps in it then at the end of the opening will be your character doing the last stand.. Just like the Spartans did in the movie 300, bottleneck the enemies in one opening then attack the mobs.. well in this case we will be using traps.. :boxing::D
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