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Learning to Mod: Importing Bucket-o-poop to DS Vanilla

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skru_loose    0

Hi Everyone!

I recently decided to try my hand at modding. After reading up some on LUA at its home, fiddling a little with the online interpreter, peering through some of the initial tutorials here and on Steam, etc., I figured it might just be better to jump in and start playing. I figured that starting with something Klei did first might make the most I thought importing the Bucket-o-poop to DS Vanilla might be fun. Yeah, it's not likely to be something for which there's a huge call. But I thought this might be enough on the simple side to be somewhere to start - plus I still slum it in Vanilla every now and then, and always miss having the Bucket. ;)

I've gotten the recipe to show up correctly in the Food Tab, and I've gotten it to the point where all the variables are at least pointing in the somewhat correct direction so that I can craft it without throwing some game-crashing error. It's even showing the percentage remaining correctly. But it only sets for one use.

I'm positive I'm doing something wrong here. And I suspect it's something to do with how or maybe where the max number of uses is being set, since that's something that appears in the RoG TUNING file. Either that, or it's how the day_time variable is being referenced, since fertilizers are supposed to advance by some part of daylight hours upon each use (if I'm understanding this correctly, of course).

Either that, or it's just something that can't be done. And I don't have the experience to know which is which at this point. Is this a PEBKAC issue or a program limitation?

I've attached a 7z of the Bucket mod folder, so it should be good to drop in and go (such at it does go at this point). Thanks in advance to any who offer some guidance here. :D


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