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mod install alert at the start of the game

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jazounette    1

I know I have mods installed, I click that understand button, stop showing me that message alert game please!

I find a post on this forum from 2013 :

In scripts/mods.lua go to

if #self.mods > 0 then

and change it to

if #self.mods > 10000 then

I can't understand what this mean, where is this "scripts/mods.lua" he is talking about???

What does this numbers mean : 0...10000...??? is this a delay of some sort???



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skru_loose    0

Hi jazounette!

Keezie's post gives instructions on how to find the specific location where the game checks to see if it should alert you about mod use (that initial screen that warns the player about how mods might make the game unstable, etc., etc., etc....), and then what to do in order to disable that check.

A quick warning: no one should edit any game files if they're not comfortable with it, because it's entirely possible to break the game.

Heavenfall's comment about "scripts\mods.lua" is telling you where the specific file is. In this case, it's telling you to go to the scripts subdirectory where Don't Starve is installed. Use a text editor like Notepad to open the mods.lua file, use the text find command to locate "if #self.mods > 0 then" line and change "0" to "10000", save the file, and you're done.

What that line says, basically, is "Check to see if the user has any mods installed. If they do, then do one or more of the following things...." -- one of them is to give you that warning about how mods might make the game unstable. The change from "0" to "10000" just raises the threshold: before any mods (greater than zero) would cause the game to display the warning; with the change you'd now need more than 10,000 mods in order to have the game warn you about mod usage.

I went ahead and double checked to make sure this change still seems to work, and it appears to work. At least, my modded game allowed me to start up a RoG game in-progress without crashing. I've attached an updated mods.lua file for you to use.

I suggest you use the file search function. In Win7, it would be

  • open the folder where you have Don't Starve installed
  • type "mods.lua" (no quotes) into a box that should say something like "search dont_starve" (or whatever you called your Don't Starve directory)
  • select the entry for the mods.lua file
  • select mods.lua and rename it to mods.lua.bak
  • it should probably ask you if you're sure, because renaming the file may cause programs to not work -- ok the renaming
  • copy my mods.lua to the folder where your renamed mods.lua.bak is (the scripts\mods folder of Don't Starve)
  • run Don't Starve without that mod warning

If you should have any issues, delete my file and then rename your original mods.lua.bak back to mods.lua.


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jazounette    1

Thanks you very much for taking time to explain that to me, that's very nice of you. It's work perfectly fine, annoying warning message is gone. Exact file location is "[Don't Starve Folder]/Data/Scripts/Mods.lua". Many thanks to you Skru_loose.

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