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More explicit input/ouput building descriptions

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I'm having so much fun with ONI, great game!!

One of the things I have noticed is that as I get more into my base building, I have to spend a lot of time looking at things on the wiki to plan my layout.  My issue seems to be figuring out how to plan input/output, and planning out space for all the pipes and ducts and filters correctly.  IMO it would be awesome if the in-game descriptions could be a bit more explicit.

As an example, the polymer press. The requirements specify liquid intake and gas output pipe.  But the effects list both steam and carbon dioxide.  However the steam exits freely and only the CO2 uses the exit pipe, right?

Without referring to outside source it seems to me difficult to find this info in game, without building it and running it.  I think it would be more fun to have this detail up front so I can focus more on elegant base designs, rather than needing trial and error on every building type or having to look outside the game for reference.

Just my 2 cents, thanks for considering!  Keep up the awesome work!

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