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Plutonia Guy

Rise of Giants youtube series with Wigfrid

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First of all, hi to everyone, my name is Lucas, im 28 years old. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this is my first post at the forum!

I just started a new list on my YouTube channel, is nice to share it here!
It will follow Wigfrid gameplay at Rise of Giants.

Themes of the videos:

- Videos are divided on chapters, every chapter has 5 days
- This project is recent, im now uploading the second chapter!
- Videos are in full quality 1080p HD
- It is played in Rise of Giants, to do it more challenging
- The video follows Wigfrid gameplay, as im explaining what im doing all the times
- It will cover all game mechanics (All techs, all surfaces, all boss fights)
- All chapters will have certain objetives to do
- It also follow tons of Wigfrid coments, to make it fun to watch
- It will follow some technics that can be used for newbies and experienced players
- Im rushing certain instances for dont make the videos too long or bored
- Im doing it until the day i loss the game
- All critics are accepted
- The finally of this is to improve my english translations (Im native spanish) and give new players some clues about te game

I apreciate any comments and critics
Hope you love it!

First chapter

Soon im updating this post with the second chapter.

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