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Is Don’t Starve PE dead?

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deviant_lis    4

Dear developers!

I am myself a full stack web developer and know how much time it takes to code something.

But iOs Don’t Starve was last updated 4 moths ago, Shipwrecked 9 months ago. I am not asking for a timeframe, I would like to know if an update for Shipwreked with contoller support is in the works (or planned) so I should:

A) Continue waiting for a red circle notification on the app store icon one day.


B) Delete both your games from my device and forget about them, since you have no interest in supporting them.

Please let me know, since I (and other dedicated players) have been posting to this forum (since you didn’t make other feedback methods) my detailed feedback on bugs/ideas with absolutely no aknowledgment from your side (which sucks).


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The answer is: Yes. Solution: B. Same stuff on android btw. Pretty much everything is bugged in the game, and the game is still in beta, after like 1.5 years, AND, there were only like 3 updates. 3(last one was about 10 months ago)! Its a joke at this point.

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