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Pets Not Included!?

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How about adding Doggos to ONI?

Lots of people don't like to print duplicates from the Pod, for whatever reason. If Doggos could be printed it would still give those people something to use the Pod for.

I think they would make a great fit for the game. The could:

  1. Consume O2
  2. Consume Food
  3. Produce CO2
  4. Produce waste
  5. Reduce duplicants' stress
  6. Add new duplicant traits for those that like pets (bonus stress relief), and those that dislike pets (reduced stress relief or even adds to their stress)
  7. Pets themselves could have their own personalities and stress levels. One doggo could want another doggo to play with, or pet toys to play with, and if it gets too bored it could become destructive (damaging buildings) or bark a lot (increasing stress around it)

There's lots of stuff that could be done with pets in this game.

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