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I know you don't want this game to be hard, but it's really too easy... it should get harder and harder to survive and it's not. I think every 10 day the game should get harder ( new monster, weather, disease etc...)It's so easy to find food that we don't even have to farm to survive, I kill so many spiders and pigs that I don't know what to do with all that meat. I also think we should have to drink. We would have to wait for the rain, or we could find some drops in trees, or in some ponds but then we'd have to filter it. Some places should be cold or warm and then we would suffer from it...It would also be great if we could hide, cause some monsters are looking for us and are very dangerous...let's pick up some leaves and let's make a special sniper suit.Rare items would be great too, so we all have a different experience...those items would be hidden in very dangerous places (near a dragon, or near a crocodile...)

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