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Pottery wheel: 
Dupes use raw minerals and water to allow production of Jugs.
Dupes spin Jugs that can be used at the pitcher pump to store liquids in storage compactors.
Better artists make jugs faster.
The pottery wheel would be able to store water and raw minerals for use in fabrication.

Dupes use jugs and the pitcher pump to allow storage of pitcher pump output.
The pitcher pump would gain a job, and priority.
Better tinkers fill jugs faster.
The pitcher pump would be able to store jugs for use.

Form Fabricator:
Uses electricity and plastic and/or refined metals to produce containers.
Fabricates containers that can be used to at the auto bottler to store solids, liquids, or gases.
The form fabricator would be able to store plastic and/or refined metals for use in fabrication.

Auto Bottler:
Uses electricity and containers to store solids, liquids, or gases.
Bottles materials that can be stored in storage compactors, refrigerators, or for production .
The auto bottler would be able to store containers, and solids, as well as having an intake pipe for use in fabrication.

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