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Self flow of gas and liquids inside pipes. And simple sink.

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Why do I need pump, if i have one reservoir upper then second?

Now the only way to flush water down is a channel with blocks. (3 block width). I know, this is about your physics of water. But waiting this upgrade.


Why do I need pump to transfer gas from high pressure to low?

Also gases is VEEEEEEEERY slow, so in one room I can have hard gradient of pressure (like 3000 g and 200 g) and slow gas/temperature-flow.

It should be at least twice faster. Also simple electric fan would be nice too.

And water is VEEEEERY sticky (screenshot).

Pitch Pump is oversized when I need some water on my kitchen. It needs 2 blocks under it and 3 blocks tall. Why can`t i use my pipe-system and simple sink/filler?


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