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Debug Wormhole Command

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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, please let me know and I'll move it!

I was using the wormhole command from the wikia and I can't seem to get it to work. I'm not sure what I need to provide in terms of screenshots or any more details but again, let me know and I can provide :)

Trying to create a wormhole "system" that connects from base to important points on the map. Going off the commands in the gamepedia, I spawned in wormholes as I was exploring using

<worm1 = c_spawn("wormhole")>, changing the numbers for each location (ie: <worm2 = c_spawn("wormhole")>

When I started setting up wormholes at base, I used:

<worm7.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = worm1> and then <worm1.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = worm7>

I'm not sure if I changed the number in the wrong spots, or I'm missing punctuation/space somewhere, but I don't get a "jump in wormhole" option, just the Examine. There are functioning/default placed wormholes on the map that already work, so I know that it's only this command and not the world itself. Anyone ever use this before? Any advice would be great!

I currently have the "wormhole marks" mod in use (plus a bunch of others) but that says it supports up to 22 pairs so I'm assuming it's compatible. 


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