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Hosting With Mods=Crash

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Hello. I'm seeming to have some problems hosting a server using server-side mods. I can host a server with client-side mods enabled, and it works fine. I can also join a server with mods enabled, and that works fine as well. However, if I try to host my own server using even 1 server-side mod, the initial world creation loading screen results in a Windows error saying "Don'tStarveTogether.exe has stopped working"; the game then closes itself. This crash occurs on the loading screen animation of the two shadow hands around the world, just before the still-image loading screen which would lead to character creation. I've looked in the DST folders, and there are no server crash logs (assuming because the server never actually was setup yet). I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the game twice now, unsubbed/resubbed to all my mods, and verified the game file integrity through steam. This has been tested using server-side mods individually, as well as in batches of 2 or more at once. I have also tested enabling mods while creating a world on the absolute lowest settings possible, with the same result.

I am running a Windows 10 laptop with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD. Playing the game vanilla, or on already modded servers, results in no crashing/lag/or otherwise problems. As I said, I can connect to already created servers with server-side mods enabled; I just cannot host a server with server-side mods enabled. Client-side mods work fine regardless. 

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