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Pit Pigs mantainence

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xuanchiao    0

Hello Klei, I've been playing The Forge for a few hours now and I've realised that maybe the Pit Pig mobs can be tweaked a little? Although they don't do much damage and are meant to be killed easily at the start of a match, I realised that a pit pig's attack range is big. Too big actually, that I can be hit even if there is a space of almost two other characters ( say WX or Maxwell or Willow etc. ) between my character and the pig. I did not really research up on them and do not have any screenshots, but please let me know if their huge attack range is intentional or not? Thank you Klei! Sincerely, an avid fan of DS(T) *seriously though I love you guys and thank you for all your hard work that went into developing these games! <3

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