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Just got DS basegame from the Steam Halloween sale.  I'm enjoying playing DS but not so much the constant dying cycle.  There are some things I would really like to see implemented however so it's actually more enjoyable:

  • Difficulty Main Menu Options - possibly Expert, Normal, and Training Wheels (like the essential Compromising Survival mod which I need just to learn the game before it's Game Over ad nauseum)
  • Inventory Management Please - Whenever your soon-to-be-dead buddy picks things up, switches tools, etc. the inventory slots get all jumbled.  This game requires vigilance every second; wasting precious time just looking for items/tools/etc. is awkward, and death (again).. mebbe have options to designate what kind of item each slot can hold would help organization
  • More Graphics Options on Main Menu - Anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, and even brightness/gamma/RGB sliders would really help -esp. as my vidcard/driver is fine but dusk still looks ruddy-brownish (intentional?) and looks nowhere near screenshots/others' games (yes, I read the posts about updating vid drivers & about the red tint issues)  - I just want to be able to see the game with my faulty oldfolks eyes

I don't like to use mods when initially playing through games.  Kinda ruins the out-of-the-box experience intended by devs.  I've found that (at least for me) some mods are essential:

  1. Compromising Survival - Beginners may want at least the option or choice of continuing (or dying)
  2. Minimap HUD - How could this have been left out of single player?  Mebbe not for multi as it may be cheaty ala Woong/Azubu Frost style
  3. Geometric Placement - Planting/placing items needs a protractor/ruler; this helps as nothing in the game locks to a grid.
  4. & 5.  Where's My Beefalo? and Wormhole Marks - Helpful icons to let you know what things are and where so your not wasting time/dying.

I do hope somebody in Klei reads/considers these as I am very fond of Don't Starve and am considering buying more of their titles.  If not then possibly some DS gurus/modders who can help. 

Thx for your patience reading my blather and happy gaming to all!

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