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[Suggestion] Books

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Books would have to be written by duplicants, and have two different uses: Use 1; increasing a attribute (Textbooks) and use 2; lowering stress (Books)

For textbooks, the duplicant writing them must have 1 learning and 5 in the attribute they're trying to write about. So if you have a duplicant writing about cooking, they'd have to have 1 learning and 5 cooking to write the book.

For normal books, the duplicant writing them must have 3 learning and 8 creativity. These books efficiently lower stress. (maybe about minus 45 stress per book read). 

The paper would have to come somewhere, so a small forest biome with some trees would have to be made. These trees (I'm gonna call them smallwood trees) would be able to be planted in farm/hydroponic farm tile, and produce about 10g of wood per harvest. Smallwoods would take 30 cycles to grow in the wild, 25 domestically. Also more buildings, like a Paper maker, Book press, Ink refiner, Writing station, Bookcase (both metal and wood) and Paper recycler. A new room called the library could also be made, and would increase the amount of experience duplicants get when reading books.

  • Paper maker, as the name states, makes paper. This paper is made from the wood of the trees in the new forest biome. These trees would have to be able to be farmed, most likely in a hydrophilic farm, or an ordinary farm tile. Paper can be made in three different ways, from least to most expensive: Thin paper (20g of wood; add 1 day to lifetime), medium paper (40 g of wood; add 2 days to lifetime), and thick paper (60 g of wood; add 4 days to lifetime)
  • Book press would put paper into a book form. This book press would also effect the duration of time the book lasts, just as the type of paper. From least to most expensive: metal (10 g; add 2 days to lifetime (looks like a spiral notebook)), and minerals (30 g; add 5 days to lifetime (hard cover)). Leather would also be an option (being in between metal and minerals), however I'd talk more about that in a post about adding livestock to the game.
  • Ink refiner would take food items or oil and turn them to ink. Ink made from foods would only last 15 reads before being worn down, while ink made from oil would last for 35 reads.
  • Writing station would allow duplicants to write books, if all the requirements listed above to write the book is met. 
  • Bookcases hold books. If a bookcase is made of wood, it's flammable and, if set on fire, will destroy all the books inside of it. It would have a decor effect of +10. Metal bookcases would not be flammable, but the books inside them can light on fire. They would case a +15 decor effect. Bookcases also stop small, moppable liquids from causing harm to books. Large bodies will still destroy books, though.
  • Paper recycler would allow you to recycle worn down books. Worn down books are the result of reading a book too much, wearing down the ink and pages. The lowest quality books would last 18 reads, while the highest quality would last 44 reads. Worn down books could also be created by water coming into contact with a book/bookcase, instantly turning a book into a worn down book. Paper recyclers would spit out paper from worn down books to be used for new books.

Books are also flammable, and, if there are going to be more threats to the colonies, are relatively helpful way of keeping duplicants equal to there longer standing companions. They might moreover be used to reduce stress in a more compact base though. Books left on the floor will cause -5 decor

This could also be stretched into lore via bookcases left behind by a former colony. These books would have new cooking recipes, blueprints, medicine for diseases, and maybe even bits of story about these former colonies (this would require a new tab to access these books since the player needs to be able to read them; duplicants can't read these books, as they are player specific items. Books on recipes and blueprints will disappear after swept).

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