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Trapped in the Nothingness

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While I messing around with my friend on Xbox I decided to just do a joke where I danced for a whole day and have them save me before night came. Let's just say that didn't happen and I was dedicated to dancing. After my timely death I started haunting stuff waiting for them to revive me. I ended up finding a clockwork rook and I haunted it causing it to charge it eventually charged in a direction that caused it to ram me off the normal boundaries and well just look at the mess I was in.



My friend found some frogs and was nearly trashed and then they were rammed by the rook nearly dead but not dead enough to not have the health for a tell-tale heart. So we found a spider nest and some glands in the swamp. I was not attempting to get back inside any time soon so I was having a blast while my friend struggled through all of this.



 After the stunning realization that I could be revived outside the map I decided now is the time to stop being a jerk and start helping my friend. But I was trapped out there. In the Nothingness (name drop \o/). With no way of coming back inside I had my friend feed me through the boundary. I also forced them to give me the material for a tell-tale heart and they also gave me a dead Eye bone knowing this run was done for. I decided to explore what was out there. Two seconds into the exploration they died and I gave them the heart through the boundry



And just as the name implies there was nothing in the Nothingness (double name drop?). Thus ended our adventure we couldn't do anything anymore. We quit after a while of my holding myself and the whispers never ceasing. The moral of this story is if you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.

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