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Changing Special Events to Default?

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Is it possible to turn off Winter Feast so I can enjoy the Hallowed Nights event on my current world? 

I cant seem to find anything that works, nor any mods that would allow me to do this. 

I hate missing out on the events as they come around, but I also like to have Winter Feast activated throughout my world.

If I have to start a new world, I will, It only stinks because im working on a megabase and would like to keep things in that world.


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TheWorld.topology.overrides.specialevent = "default"


wait for the save icon to disappear


Make sure you're doing this remotely if you're not the host or you're hosting with caves, just check if "Remote" is written next to the console on the right. It's toggle by pressing CTRL, so very often using CTRL + V will disable it, making the commands useless.

If you want Winter's Feast or any other event back, just use the same commands but replace "default" with "winters_feast", "hallowed_nights" or "year_of_the_gobbler" respectively.

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