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  • crockpot feature 
  • lidded compost 
  • animal breeding
  • relationships between dupes + breeding
  • more lost relics so you have an incentive to explore aside from resources
  • maps
  • traces of lives from earlier like notes, not just security doors etc.
  • bosses 
  • different types of weaponry
  • elevator system or minecarts
  • crop/recipe variety
  • quests
  • weather
  • graves randomly on the map
  • exclusively hostile mobs 
  • taming
  • farming animals, milk etc. 
  • tools for long expeditions that will allow you to sustain 
  • some sort of currency with neutral mobs?
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I really like some of your ideas but a couple I believe would take away from the game, first I think adding quests would take away from the (do it your way) attitude of this game. Perhaps if done correctly though it could be a nice addition, thoughts on how to implement it? Secondly, I think adding breeding your dupes would just be weird and add a dynamic I just don't want to see in this game (Imagining two dupes in the same bed just gives me the shivers). 

But some of these ideas are awesome! like a elevator system would be super rad! I also like adding the graves of old dupe settlements, like maybe adding an old (not turned off) gateway and 3 dead dupes would be a cool addition. 

One thing you touched on here with exclusively hostile mobs I think could be expanded upon and create a sense of urgency in defending your little colony. this combined with different forms of weapons or like huge turrets they could employ would be sick!

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