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Any chance to remap controls on a text file?


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As the title, my question concerns the chance to remap controls OUTSIDE the game.

Is it possible to override default configuration with a text file (example: a lua file?).

The question reflect a personal needing: I am playing with my laptop, but my touchpad is a bit slow so I would like to try a gamepad. But there is a problem: with default gamepad configuration, I cannot interact with inventory items (items I picked up or I am wearing).

I tried to remap the defaut configuration for gamepad, but every time I try to change a key, it will be immediately setted as Z-Axis without any chance of assigning a value I want (this is why I'm searching a way to configure gamepad externally, perhaps with a text file if possible).

So the only chance is to creating a keyboard config manually.

Game Version: Steam Don't Starve (+Rog +Sw installed)

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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