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The Forge is Awesome!!!

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absolutel love it. I just beat the forge for the first time and I have to say it is amazing. Constantly intense action filled with strategy and quick decision making. I don't feel as if the forge is too hard and honestly think Klie nailed it on the first go. I think with the right choices the forge is easily beatable especially since I beat it with a lvl one who had just downloaded it and noobs that had no strats but with quick adaption and well timed and place specials the Forge can be taken down through a long and rough battle with so much satisfation for completion, I'd be sad to see it nerfed at all except maybe poison which is very survivable with the healing staff. There are some bugs I expperienced though such as the game suddenly stops responding when i open up the steam overlay after a match(I play on linux which is where I experienced this) I can't wait for the official release and some lore behind the forge plus the skinnnns :D Thnx Klei 

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