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Some possible quality of life tweaks!


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So, with the event being entirely combat orientated, I think its best if there would be some more QoL tweaks, like the current damage numbers (amazing btw)

  • Have the currently "Targeted" enemy marked with an arrow above their head. This would be great for anybody, especially rangers. It essentially puts a marker above the enemy that will be attacked when the attack button is pressed! This would help people stop attacking sleeping/petrified enemies by accident. (maybe give petrified enemies a much lower targeting priority)
  • Make classes that don't benefit from certain abilities unable to take certain armour pieces. For example, make the melee only classes unable to take spell damage buffing armour and healing buff armour, as well as making ranged only classes unable to pick up physical damage improving armour. 
  • Maaaybe make it so some abilities dont show a red circle for everyone, as my brain is taught to avoid giant red circles, as in other games they usually represent an enemy attack. Though, i'm not sure what other colour they could be, maybe blue? 

That's all I got so far, if anyone else has any other ideas for small improvements I'd love to hear those too!

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