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Hey there, I'm a reasonable adult. Looking for some old folks to chill and play DST with, not really into playing with anyone under the age of 20. (Maturity reasons.) I am looking for a consistent group of people to hang out with on DST. I play vanilla. No mods either or weird cheats. If you're new to the game, that's fine, we can learn together. I haven't played DST in awhile, and I haven't tried out Winona yet. I prefer to communicate via Discord. If that is okay with you, then we can hang out. Not looking to hang out with a super huge gaming group either. My timezone is Eastern and this may seem silly, but I speak English only. I am also very witty and I have a dry sense of humor. If you can tolerate that, then we'll get along just fine. Feel free to message me on Discord @ TemptingIcarus#0836

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