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Luxury Update

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We've had updates and their multitude of changes making life for the duplicants better and worse. How about it being time to give them some R&R for all their hard work and suffering?


  • The first thing that comes to mind is: Music. Everyone loves music (different kinds, perhaps, but music, nonetheless). Perhaps one device that can be added to the base's arsenal can be a Phonograph. It'll need power to run, but like how snoring brings discomfort to those within the radius, this device emits stress-plummeting relief to those within earshot. If you want to make it more complicated, you can have different types of music and Dupes with their different music tastes; akin to their personal Decor expectation. Thus, Phonographs will have like a Filter setting where you simply pick the album that's playing, and Dupes who's tastes co-inside with the soundtrack will have their stress reduced majorly or maybe raised slightly. But, for example Music types can be genres like Pop, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Classical, Dubstep, whatever. (The composers who made the lovely serene background music we already hear can probably compose some catchy, repetitive tidbits of music to represent the genres.) And then Dupes will have their preferences (Pop: +75% Jazz: +25% Rock: +50% Metal: -50% Classical: +10% Dubstep: -100%, and so on.) The higher their individual approval is, the more effective of stress relief it provides. It would be up to the player to select an album that most of the colony can agree with; or just place phonographs all over the place and/or near assigned workstations so that each has to their own.

(Afterthough: Perhaps a speaker system later down the road can extend the range and make a singular device's delivery more widespread.)


  • Another idea: Spa day! Make it an actual tile -one that can only be one tile deep, anyways-. Interconnected Spa tiles spread the water between themselves, but have to have water piped in to fill the Spa section (and a dirty water output for those who secretly "relieve" themselves while relaxing). The Spa tile would look like blue/white tiles lining the edge of the tilespace, while also having blue/white tiles providing background, thus looking like a three-sided spa in this 2D game. I know Steam is normally unbreathable and scalding, but active Spa tiles would give off Steamy Oxygen. It's still breathable, it's warm, and is considered therapeutic to the Dupes. Steamy Oxygen quickly cools, though, and turns back into regular oxygen in just a few tiles, so it's not like you can flood the base with the relaxing air. But, with the advent of Rooms in this game, perhaps a Spa Room and come to be recognized by the game. Thus overriding the normal decay-back-into-oxygen limit Steamy Oxygen would normally have; allowing the Spa Room to fill up with the relaxing Steamy Oxygen.


(That's all I have for now, I might update this post with more ideas later on. If you have an idea, too, reply with it and I might add it to this main article.)

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