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As one of my many dream jobs being a game idea suggestor (I don't actually know if that's a job), todays daily oxygen not included idea is dislikes, likes and hobbies

I think that duplicants should have likes and dislikes aswell as hobbies which could modify there stress levels. For example some dupes don't like hatches (I know that's a thing) and other dupes love hatches. (Like me loving spiders when others are scared of them) Also, hobbies such as running, painting, sculpting, and cooking would be nice.

When dupes are scared (or in a situation where they dislike something) they get stressed. Oh, yes, I know about the expectations. This idea would balance it out more, becuase likes which would relief stress. When dupes are doing something related to a hobby (let's use sculpting) dupes would loose stress while sculpting.

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