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Suggestions/Gameplay Shipwrecked Mobile/Android/IOS

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Hello for everyone! I play Don't Starve series since the first game, and I got much excited when I see the Shipwrecked for mobile/Android. In this post, I will list some of gameplay mechanics that i believe that will make the experience much better.

Inventory interaction: one thing that I miss on Shipwrecked, is the global pause when you open the inventory. Changing armor and weapon in surprise fights is really difficult, and if the game had a pause when you open the inventory, it will be so much better.

Ground interaction: digging ground, planting and other interaction directly with the ground are so much difficult to make. Planting a farm of berries, grass, bamboo, etc, can be so much complicated on the mobile. And digging too, because you don't have nothing to have a model of where you can dig. I think that can have a option, directly from the inventory, for planting something where the player is, if it is possible. It will make the game so much better. And some base or signalization of space that you can dig, will help a lot.

Sorry for some language mistakes, english is not my natural language. 

I will edit this if I found something to add. Thanks for everyone, and if someone have the same idea or other ideas that will help the game to be better, post where. Thanks Klei, for the awesome games. :)


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I love DS And DS SW the moment i saw them available. When the DS SW came out for Android i was hyped to play it. I been playing for a few days now and i have found all the bugs that you mentioned too also something big i just found...THE SHIPWORTHY... I found it when i was testing out one of the bosses so i hope we can merge the ROG AND SW worlds together.

In my opinion i think for the people who bought the ROG version as well as the SW version (like me) should be able to merge the worlds by standing next to them in both games (each app separate).

So if a update is added for ROG that adds the SHIPWORTHY i will be so happy.

I also hope You guys add control support or a virtual touch pad THAT will follow the person finger (will appear based on ware the person puts his/her finger on the screen). This can help ALOT with kiting sense u dont have to try and aim your finger in the middle of the touch pad to move.

Thx you for listening

-a big fan of Don't starve

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