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that damn font thingy, wilson


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Everybody, greet another newcomer in the wasteland. Okay, okay. I will survive. But-but Beefalo pulled my shoes on my way here, buy me a beere!

Jokes on me; on to the subject. With Klei dropping that hot Hamlet announcement on DS getting richer in depth, some questions I wanna ask to the experienced modders, whose assistance it seems is best to go with if its someone has hard time with modding this very part of the game; localization one. I am somewhat overjoyed work goes behind the clock on making the infinite portion of dont starve... really infinite this time, incredible stuff.

With this in mind, well, desire for taking on some form of localization on first part of the adventure just got slight bigger than Wilson's new farm lol. Before I go on,  I contacted a nice Klei dev to request assistance in achieving further knowledge or any guidance, maybe, that could save some more trial & error sessions, man, had about 9 hours of those; bored and trying to Bitmap Font convert and pack a given Windows font for the game to read data from, with nothing other than strong spirit and calmness :D. I received no response, for that I refer to the forums.

Even though some LUA basics I already know from messing with older titles (not indies specifically, as you may expect), I have hefty a roadblock before I am sure it will turn out smooth, that prevent me and a friend I am gonna collaborate with. Fonts. Most importantly, force the game read from a different pair of font textures.

In the past I've attempted doing, say - font library - myself, like... draw letters each or, in this case, convert bitmaps and insert them back in the game without any knowledge what I am doing, ffs. Naturally, dozens of times & always end with things messed up. Did I do it this time again, trying to crack the wall.

To clear things for myself, is converting TrueType fonts any easier here? And where do I start with, minus requiring to have image editing/DDS format experience. In regards this, I think I have sufficient know-how on both.

Also please, is Some1 around here still? I prefer to have closest to original looking lettering, and I see those folks got it right with their language pack. Already sent Some1 that maintains and runs Russian Translation project detailed mail if his team are open to let anyone use that really well made Beliisa Plumila version of theirs. I prefer to have a clearance before anything else. If it's not possible, then, well, its their property of art, whatever. I value the hard work, as anyone would do. Had to be sure I did message right e-mail of the person. If someone knows where I can reach Some1, please say so, his Steam account seems inactive, as well the forums one right here.

The story behind this idea?

Thinking up, no exact story. Other than that I spent an evening with good folks around a big-ass display, watching random DST session for about 1,5 hours played by that lad I told you about, which consider himself a monster maniac when it comes about indies. I never liked, nor let any other budget game like this draw me so much. Is the coop survival thingy got me love Don't starve. Also, what an odd name! Weirder than Goat Simulator LOL!

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