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Add haunted-like sheen to object

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Has anyone experimented with that? I've been looking as to how make any object have a nice colored sheen-like anim like when ghosts haunt them, but so far I've been unlucky.

The game just does inst.AnimState:SetHaunted(true) to add it, so it might be something in the C++ side.. in which case I'm out of luck.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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If you mean when you are holding it, then out of luck.

Otherwise, it's just doing the SetHaunted thing.

    local _OnUpdate = inst.components.hauntable.OnUpdate
    inst.components.hauntable.OnUpdate = function(self, dt)
        local _cooldowntimer = self.cooldowntimer
        _OnUpdate(self, dt)
        self.cooldowntimer = _cooldowntimer

Like this, timer never runs out.

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Oh, no I meant when it's on the ground. When you do AnimState:SetHaunted(true) it stays "haunted" forever (as in with the cool spooky animated white sheen).

I just want to recolor the haunted effect, the default is white, I want it red. Still, thank you~

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