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It can be various things.

I recommend completely closing all other apps (excluding any security apps, of course) and possibly restarting the device (tell it to power off, take the battery out ONLY IF it is removable, and wait 30 full real-world seconds, which you can put the battery bsck in if you took it out) before you open the game.

Android users should, before restarting, swipe all other apps off the recent list as this will free a lot of RAM which will slow your device down if the list is large. Android users should as well probably clear the data of the system app "Download Manager" (your downloads will stay on your device; use a file manager app to access them) to clear up the storage space that does collect and can make it unusable due to running out of space. (These two things for Android users should be done every so often to keep the device running smoothly and longer.)

Yet do know that older or weaker devices will struggle with the game (I used some custom settings for my map and now I experience slowdown every now and then).

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