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Trapchan, Mob Suggestion

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A bout of inspiration hit me and wouldn't leave me alone until I spit this out, as such I say this first. If Klei decides to use this or a variation of it, I give up all rights to it for them make use of it as they will. I also give up right to the quick concept art I drew up for this is. I realize it doesn't match the style of Klei but its what I have after years of doodling. See attachment.



A cute hanging mob that's often seen swinging from side to side with pink with curly tentacle hair and a pair of red horns that just peek out of her hair. Hangs from earthen ceilings and haunts passage ways that are typically a minimum of two tiles high or higher. Favored food is anything she can reach, primarily Hatches but will fish in water if need be.

If something disturbs her hanging twin tails, all her hair will retreat into in her head into tiny pimples and her two horns become the tips of a wide open beaked mouth at the bottom of her head. Her giant tongue with lash out and snatch up anything in reach, dupes included.

Once something is captured, she’s snap her mouth closed and retreat into the ceiling to eat her meal and suffocate your dupes to death.

Drops chunks of frozen polluted water once she’s finished digesting her food and oxydite crystals form around their anchor when they die.

Her maximum length is four tiles including her one tile anchor in the ceiling.



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