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Immunity shouldn't be a "Skill" alongside things like Learning and Digging

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Looking at the new update, I don't see why Immunity was made an Attribute similar to things like Digging, Learning, Athletics, etc. Being resistant to disease shouldn't be a skill, it's just a natural defense.

1. Since all the skill attributes seem to default to zero during creation unless that Dupe gets points assigned, there are going to be alot of Dupes who just have zero points in their Immunity attribute, especially if they were chosen for things like Learning, Athletics, etc.

2. Dupes who start with lots of points in Immunity have that many fewer points to go into other skills.


Also, Immunity functions fundamentally differently from some of the other skills.

I mean, most of the attributes like Learning, Digging, etc seem to provide simple speed bonuses to the given job. Immunity (and Strength, to a degree) instead provide passive bonuses.


I think it would make sense to split the Dupe's Attributes into something like "Skills" and "Stats"

Skills would be all the things like Digging, Learning, Construction, etc that are used in specific jobs.

Stats would be more general things like Immunity, Strength, and possibly some other stat that reduces the stress brought about by poor decor or food.


Then, during creation, each Dupe gets points assigned to their Stats and Skills separately. So a Dupe who gets a bunch of points in Immunity doesn't do so at a loss to their job-related skills, and a Dupe who's got some nice job stats doesn't find they have zero immunity (which looking at the the starting Dupes screen implies that they don't regen their immune system, which seems bad).

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