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Hello, thanks for making such a great game.  I am an engineer and this game really appeals to the engineering side of my nature.  Keep up the great work.

I had a crazy idea while playing this game: when the dups reach the neutronium (and perhaps certain techs are met), they can build a star port.  It could be an end game scenario with the option of continued play.  Or perhaps a way to bring in new otherwise unachievable techs, giving a reason to keep the computer around longer.  Not to mention trading possibilities.  Could also have alien invasion possibilities.  And maybe even visitors that need to use the dup's facilities for various reasons.

I also thought it would be cool to have other items unearthed when the dups are digging, like alien artifacts, but I see in the recent release you've added some things to that end - cant wait to check it out.

Thanks for your time

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Woke up this morning with more ideas:

"Alien Invasion? Who are these dark creatures invading our asteroid. And what is this strange tech one of their fallen dropped" -duplicant Gadget

Dark creatures: Lets leave it to your imagination, would be cool looking though. Maybe introduce a new type of germ as well. Get the med bay ready.
NEW "dark" technology: need the computer to analyze, perhaps a hidden tech not on the regular branch.

And maybe add "weapons" to the duplicant's regular tech branch

Perhaps one of those hidden areas has some secret to stopping the alien incursions.

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