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Item Sharpener - Looking for Mod Feedback

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Hello all!


First post on the forums, looking to properly tag this post but I am still learning to do so. If anyone knows how to tag or what tags would be proper, let me know!

First of all, a big thank you and shoutout to all the fantastic resources on these forums. Long time DS player here, and I am a developer by day job. I have always wanted to get into some game modding - and this community couldn't have made it easier. Great stickies and tools on these forums. And the best docuentation of all: the game's lua code itself :)

 I have just finished development for a structure item: the Grinding Wheel.


Grinding Wheel Concept

Craftable structure item which restores the durability of items/weapons for part of the original crafting cost.

I have the details working. It has a ui-slot widget interface, much like a crockpot (which much of the code is based off of), that you place the item in, as well as some crafting materials. The part I am playing with right now is "how much" durability is restored. Is it percentage based? Restore a static amount of uses based on the quality of raw material?

For example, one possible user journey could go as such:

Place a Spear in the item slot of the Grinding Wheel. In the materials slots (which there are 3 of), you place a single "rocks" prefab. Rocks restore a flat 15 uses to an item. Press the [Sharpen] button on the ui-slot widget. Wait for the item to get sharpened, much like a crockpot. When complete, harvest the item.

I am looking for feedback in general! Coding the mod has been a great learning experience, and my first time using lua, but the syntax is very straight-forward. 

Let me know what you guy think. I am looking forward to finishing this mod and sharing it, once I get around to doing the art and audio assets. (Or paying someone to help me out :p).

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