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[Mod Request] [DST] Disable Morgue updating

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I play with mods such as Campfire Respawn on, which means whenever I die I can just respawn for no penalty and keep playing. However, this has completely destroyed my Morgue. On someone elses server, I got stuck in the caves and died roughly 20 times fighting Depths Worms with my bare hands in the dark. The Morgue saved each and every death which were all around Day 70, which meant the entire Morgue was frozen because I usually do not survive 70 days. I thought it had actually broken and wasnt recording deaths at all until I realised its based on longest time lived. I would like a mod to stop this from happening, so that the Morgue records my scores on legitimate worlds only. There are several ways I can think of that fix the issue:

- Only the first death in each world is recorded to the Morgue. This is harder to program but probably the better solution.

- Having the mod enabled stops all records being updated. Easier to make but requires the mod to be turned on and off depending on the world

- A second death in the world overwrites the morgue entry of the worlds last death. Probably too difficult to make.

Any of these would be great solutions. I would do it myself but I have no modding experience in this game yet and no time to learn it at the moment. I hope somebody can help make this a thing!

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