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Corrupt Save file on iOS edition v1.4

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Dear Developers,

I have encountered a problem when  loading a saved game. I am running the latest version (v1.4) on iOS 10.3.3. My device is an iPad Air 2. Device Model is MH182LL/A and the Serial  Number is DMPQ4FBZG5W0. See below for the screen shot.

Please  let me  know if future updates would fix this issue.



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The same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. It's unfortunately irreparable. This is what I was told when I emailed for help:


Unfortunately from the error log you had provided, that particular save file cannot be loaded anymore as it has been corrupted. This may have happened if there was an app running in the background that caused the Don’t Starve app to slow down or stop temporarily while the game was saving or the game was accidentally closed down while the game was being saved.

Regrettably, we do not have the ability to recover corrupted save files. That being said, you should be able to create a new game world on a different save slot. (Or overwrite your current world with a new game save). If you find that the starting point of the game is taking too long, and would like to get a faster start in the game world, when creating a new game world, there is a world customization preset called “Default Plus” where you will spawn with a couple of chests surrounding you. These chests will have most of the items you need to get a quicker start in your game including food, blueprints, and survival tools.

As well, the world customization options will allow you to fully customize the resources, creatures, length and difficulty of seasons, time of day, and your game world to fit your playstyle as well as difficulty of your game world.

A big pain in the neck but that's life. 

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