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I have a cool idea for a character mod. He is Midoriya.

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I really want to make Midoriya from Boku no Hero Academia become a character in DT/DST but i have 0 knowlege at modding. This is what im thinking:

===== Midoriya (Deku) - Boku no Hero Academia =====

  150 Health
  150 Hunger
  120 Sanity

  Runs a little bit faster.
  He cant equip weapons appart from his gloves.
  If someone is low health he gets a x4 speed boost if he runs towards him. If he reaches the target he will ''push'' away everything close to him.
  In Full Cowl stance he can leap (jump).  
  If he is low health he gets empowered which gives him strenght and speed.
  He can ''train'' by moving strange marble pieces and walking a lot. This is a slow process but once every - steps with or without a strange marble he gets a health boost. (Something like WX eating gears).

 Special abilities:
  When you press ''Z'' Full Cowl activates which makes him way faster and stronger but consumes hunger fast aswell.
  When you press ''X'' 100% POWER activates.  When he hits something he deals TONS of damage and he leaps way more and faster. When he uses it he consumes health and sanity.

    (In both of these stances he can only use fists)

   Gloves - The only weapon that Midoriya can use. Makes him punch harder. He has this weapon since he spawns.


This is my idea , if any modder can help me make it an actual thing , messege me on discord. Franke#0593 or on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/franke004.  Thanks you for reading :) 

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